Meet the Team

John Sallman

John Sallman is the Broker of Salt & Light Realty. John has been grateful to provide full real estate services for Niceville and its surrounding areas for the past 10 years.
While working in the world of real estate, John showcased exceptional leadership skills as the General Manager of a prominent Marriott hotel. During his tenure, the hotel achieved the prestigious position of being ranked #1 among over 700 hotels in North America for guest satisfaction for the Residence Inn brand, a testament to his commitment to delivering unmatched customer experiences.
Additionally, John held the esteemed position of Director of Operations at one of the largest privately owned short-term vacation rental companies in the country, RealJoy Vacations, where strategic vision and ability to handle complex operations contributed to the company’s growth and success.
Beyond his professional endeavors, John cherishes his personal life. He is happily married to his beloved spouse, Ashley, for 17 years, and together they are blessed with two wonderful daughters, Lorelai and Abigail. The household is further enlivened by three ridiculous dogs, Link, Navi, and Bailey, loved members of the family.
As a proud resident of Raintree Estates, John is deeply rooted in his community and has been serving in the Kids Ministry at Crosspoint for a remarkable decade, making a positive impact on the next generation.
In addition, a retired chef of almost 20 years, John enjoys pursuing culinary hobbies, particularly as a gumbo-making enthusiast, a BBQ smoker, and sushi making hobbyist.
In conclusion, John remains committed to being a Realtor, embodying experience, dedication, and compassion in every aspect of life. Whether assisting customers in the real estate market or making a difference in the community, John is here to meet you where you are in your real estate journey.

Ashley Sallman

Ashley is the proud proprietor of Salt & Light Realty. Having dedicated a decade to property management, Ashley’s expertise spans across a multitude of departments. Her diverse background includes time in guest services, operations, and maintenance, showcasing her comprehensive understanding of multiple facets of the field.

What truly sets Ashley apart is her unwavering passion for fostering exceptional relationships between tenants and property owners. She understands the pivotal role these relationships play in creating a harmonious and thriving community within any property.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ashley is also a loving mother to two wonderful daughters and a caregiver to three beloved dogs. Her nurturing spirit extends from her family to her professional endeavors, where she consistently strives to create spaces that feel like home.

With an impressive track record, a genuine dedication to her craft, and a heartwarming commitment to her family, Ashley embodies the essence of a true leader in the world of property management.